Brookstone LED Fan Editor Software

I recently received a Brookstone Message Fan with Floating LED Display as a gift.  It lets users edit the floating text on the fan which displays while it rotates!  Cool!

Unfortunately the fan only comes with a CD for the software, and I did not have a CD drive (hello 2017!).  There is a link on Brookstone’s website that lists a link for the software, but it only contains an executable file when the application itself actually needs a few more references.  When I first opened the software I got an error: “Can’t Load LIB\WxkUSB.dll”.

A quick Google search led me to this YouTube Video “Brookstone fan message Lib Wxkusb.dll File to Install –“.  That video links to a DropBox URL for the .dll file, but downloading that and trying to run the application I still got an error.

I finally got my hands on a CD drive and extracted the entire software package to edit the LED Fan from Brookstone.  Once I use these files I was able to edit the fan settings in just a few minutes!  I zipped them all up and uploaded them to my Google Drive and shared with everyone.  Hope this helps!

8 thoughts on “Brookstone LED Fan Editor Software

  1. Jeremy

    Hello! I had a similar instance happen to me. I followed your Instructions and got the software, but I can’t type anything in. There isn’t a keyboard in the bottom left.
    Pls help.
    ❤ Jezz

  2. Jyostna

    once after I placed the sample message it got fixed to the message and never am able to replace that with new what so ever I tried with. Can you hep

  3. Mimi

    Hallo. This is the 3rd software that I try to run the software and never work with XP. In the instructions there is wrote that is compatible but it don’t run. Do you have tried with Win Xp maybe one time? Many thanks

  4. Schwaraber

    Thanks! I had the same problem; unfortunately its writing in th wrong dirction – anyway i can program it, finally 😀

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