Left Windows! Maybe for good?

It’s official.  I have formatted my hard drive (new Intel SSD) with Ubuntu 12.04 – Precise Pangolin.

Initially, I installed 12.10 – Quantal Quetzal but was crashing too much due to my AMD/ATI video driver.

The main reason for the switch was a new 90 day contract I start in a week.  It’s all Joomla development.  I figured it would be a good time to test out running Linux daily.  I ran Ubuntu side-by-side with Windows for a few months and slowly but surely fell in love.

I run:

I run Spotify, Chromium, and Diablo 3 (with PlayOnLinux) just fine.  Empathy manages my instant messages and Thunderbird for e-mail.  Everything else is on Google Docs.