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Knightmare: A DevOps Cautionary Tale

Incredible. DevOps always watch, document, and review your deployments!

Doug Seven

I was speaking at a conference last year on the topics of DevOps, Configuration as Code, and Continuous Delivery and used the following story to demonstrate the importance making deployments fully automated and repeatable as part of a DevOps/Continuous Delivery initiative. Since that conference I have been asked by several people to share the story through my blog. This story is true – this really happened. This is my telling of the story based on what I have read (I was not involved in this).

This is the story of how a company with nearly $400 million in assets went bankrupt in 45-minutes because of a failed deployment.


Knight Capital Group is an American global financial services firm engaging in market making, electronic execution, and institutional sales and trading. In 2012 Knight was the largest trader in US equities with market share of around 17% on each the…

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Viridian Sciences in the New York Times.

Wow!  This is incredible!  Viridian Sciences has been featured in news outlets nationwide.  I am so proud, and so incredibly pumped to take this stuff to the next level.

Visualizing Algorithms

Visualizing Algorithms

This is some cool stuff!  Visualizing how some algorithms behave.  Gives you some insight into what good/bad algorithms can do!

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Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality with some cardboard and your Android device!


PerfMatters – HTTP Flushing in MVC

PerfMatters – HTTP Flushing in MVC

Nifty library that will assist in flushing HTTP responses early.

The Hex Clock

The Hex Clock

This is a nifty idea.  Creating a clock utilizing Hex and CSS!

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There are 18.5 million software developers in the world.

There are 18.5 million software developers in the world.

18,500,000 developers in a world of 7,170,000,000 people.  This means 0.258% of the population can develop.  Billions of people using websites, applications, etc every single day.

We are in the “golden era” of developers right now.  I foresee the next 5-10 years being the most pivotal in a lot of our careers.  I also foresee a huge shift in interest over the next few decades, with more and more young people taking an interest in software development.  Especially as languages and tools evolve, making it easier and easier.


Google Has Started Hiring More People Who Didn’t Go To College

Google Has Started Hiring More People Who Didn’t Go To College

After years of looking at the data, Google has found that things like college GPAs and transcripts are almost worthless in hiring. Following these revelations, the company is hiring more and more people who never even went to college.

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