2 Months Into Linux: I’m still alive

2 months into Linux, and still enjoying it quite a bit.  I split my time between my Linux laptop, Ubuntu 12.04 and my Windows 7 desktop.

The most difficult thing with the Linux laptop is running into situations where I need a software that only runs on Windows.  For instance, I was trying to switch a customer’s DNS settings to use Google’s Public DNS but they had an Apple router which required a special software to connect to it.  I browsed some articles (software would not run under Wine), but to no avail.

I still use my Windows machine for my .NET development.  Visual Studio is just too nice of an IDE for .NET.  MonoDevelop and Eclipse with .NET development plugins are nice, and get the job done if I need to remote in and fix something, but there’s no way I’d spend a 4+ hour coding session on it.