My Foray Into Ruby

Alright, alright.  I get it.  Ruby (on Rails specifically) is the hot thing.  Too many programmers I follow keep switching.  If they don’t fully switch, they give it a go, talk about how great it is and how they wish they could convince management to switch (yeah right).  I gave Ruby on Rails a go three – four years ago, but at that time I just didn’t know enough about programming to really appreciate it.  I decided to inhale a couple Codecademy tracks on it to get my feet wet again.

I have to say it’s not bad.  I like not having to indent, or use brackets/semi-colons all the time.  Some of the patterns didn’t really make sense to me, but hey with all new languages it’s that way in the beginning.  I remember starting out in C# thinking “What the hell does static mean?”  Knowing more now, it is a simple concept.  I know once I’m done with all of the ruby tracks and a few dummy projects I’ll be more up to speed.  So far though, there isn’t anything I don’t like.  Yeah it’s different, but different isn’t bad.

I wasn’t able to get my Rails app from my Ubuntu laptop to Heroku easily though.  First had problems with my SSH and creating a private key, then once I got there my ruby/rails was out of date and updating it fails.  Once I get it up and running I’ll publish a link to the demo app.