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How Software Companies Die – Orson Scott Card

How Software Companies Die – Orson Scott Card

A great read on the life and death of a software company.


FloatLabels : Better placeholders for inputs!

FloatLabels : Better placeholders for inputs!

This is really nifty jQuery plugin that allows form input elements to use the “Float Label Patterns” principle!  Input placeholders labels inside the input itself that move as you type.  I think it makes for great UI.  Help describe the field the user is using, validation, etc.  Keeps their eyes focused on the one input.

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264 FREE vector icons from Piotr Kwiatkowski.

IKONS 264 FREE vector icons from Piotr Kwiatkowski.

Here is a great set of 264 free vector icons for use in web development.  Comes in a variety of formats too!

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WordPress Security

WordPress Security

A great collection of .htaccess and theme functions for securing WordPress

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PrestaShop 1.5 in Azure

I had a client request to install PrestaShop on Azure.

Azure Series : PrestaShop on Azure Websites using Web Matrix

302: PrestaShop 1.5 – Configure shop information – an error occurred during installation

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Good Contact Pages

Good Contact Pages

Great article on what it takes to make a great contact page!

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Tool : Web Scraper

This is a nifty tool to have.  Simple, effective web scraping.  I setup a few scapers in less than an hour.  Scraping might be something I persue a little more now!

What One Query Can Do

I recently took on a legacy application.  The client was complaining of site speed issues.  Specifically on Saturday and Sunday the site would just crawl.  For a few hours the site would even go down.  I installed NewRelic and started looking for the problem.  Within a few minutes, I found the issue.  One page of the site that displays data from SQL is where 80% of the time is spent on the site.  There was a particular stored procedure that was running.  Upon inspection on the query I found that the SQL was using some odd way of pulling data, instead of using JOINS.  Once I changed the SQL in the stored procedure (and tested the results) we launched it to the clients live application.  Instantly, the web application became more responsive and within a week we had several compliments sent through a feedback tool.  We went from a 5-15 second load time, to less than 500 milliseconds!


It’s crazy to think, that in our profession, how much of an impact a few words in a single query can have.

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Snazzy Maps Google Maps color schemes

Just found this, and it is perfect for an upcoming project I was going to use Google Maps for.  I had known about Google’s style wizard, but I would much rather grab some pre-built schemes that are created by people with more design prowess than myself.

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