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Azure Releases ExpressRoute

Microsoft has recently announced “ExpressRoute” for their Azure stack!  This is great news for security centric partners needed to ensure private access to the service hosted on Azure.


If you utilize a network service provider that supports ExpressRoute connections, your connection can even bypass the public internet entirely!

I am personally excited to see where this technology goes, and how many providers start to pick it up.

Please note, even if your carrier does not support ExpressRoute directly, you can still utilize the ExpressRoute service!

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Working with 154 million records on Azure Table Storage – the story of “Have I been pwned?”

Working with 154 million records on Azure Table Storage – the story of “Have I been pwned?”

What a great use of Azure!  Loved reading this post about handling 150+ million records of data.  The site (Have I Been Pwned) looks real nice and clean too.


PrestaShop 1.5 in Azure

I had a client request to install PrestaShop on Azure.

Azure Series : PrestaShop on Azure Websites using Web Matrix

302: PrestaShop 1.5 – Configure shop information – an error occurred during installation

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