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Google Has Started Hiring More People Who Didn’t Go To College

Google Has Started Hiring More People Who Didn’t Go To College

After years of looking at the data, Google has found that things like college GPAs and transcripts are almost worthless in hiring. Following these revelations, the company is hiring more and more people who never even went to college.

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Git 2.0 is here

Git 2.0 is here

Looks like some decent fixes and additions in this release!

OpenSSL’s ChangeCipherSpec processing has a serious vulnerability

OpenSSL’s ChangeCipherSpec processing has a serious vulnerability

OpenSSL’s ChangeCipherSpec processing has a serious vulnerability. This vulnerability allows malicious intermediate nodes to intercept encrypted data and decrypt them while forcing SSL clients to use weak keys which are exposed to the malicious nodes.

There are risks of tampering with and exploits on contents and authentication information over encrypted communication via web browsing, E-mail and VPN, when the software uses the affected version of OpenSSL.

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Google Just Made Rap Genius Disappear

Google Just Made Rap Genius Disappear

Looks like Google has completely removed a site from their indexes again.  There are regulations on what Google can remove, but this article brings up a good point.  How do they prevent personal level removal requests?

What if executives start pursuing personal vendettas via the search process? Back in the old days of the telephone book, I take it that Ma Bell wouldn’t have been allowed to just make some particular business “disappear” from the white and yellow pages.


This shows how dangerous it can be to utilize a business model that is solely dependent on one source of traffic.  Just remember:

when a huge share of your traffic comes from one particular source, it’s really not your traffic.

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2014 Predictions for Web Design

2014 Predictions for Web Design

A great article by a web developer at Envato.  I love Envato and use many of their sites when developing everything from generic sites, to custom applications.

  1. Moving Past Just Flat
  2. More Motion
  3. WordPress Dominates, Challengers Accumulate
  4. Tooling for Modern Web Design
  5. Changing Nature of Interface Design

Here are a couple more interesting prediction pieces:


What’s new in Rails 4.1

What’s new in Rails 4.1

Nom nom nom!  I love enums!  The addition of Spring is nice as well, a few seconds each load is time saved!


Adaptive Background

Adaptive Background

A JavaScript plugin for extracting the dominant color from images and applying the color to their parent.


America Can Code Act

America Can Code Act

Today, U.S. Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley) introduced the 416d65726963612043616e20436f646520 Act of 2013, also known as the America Can Code Act. This legislation would designate computer programming languages as “critical foreign languages” and provide incentives for state and local schools to teach more computer science beginning as early as Kindergarten.

Grunt for People Who Think Grunt is Weird

Grunt for People Who Think Grunt is Weird

On my demo/at home play projects for NodeJS I have used Grunt but never got too deep into it.  I found myself using it extensively when using the MEAN stack, but still didn’t fully grasp its power and capability.  This article definitely helped clearly define Grunt’s role and how to best take advantage of this powerful tool.

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Visualizing Garbage Collection in Ruby and Python

Visualizing Garbage Collection in Ruby and Python

A great read on garbage collection in Ruby and Python and how it can affect and speed up unit tests!

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