Tired Of “Hiding”

I realized something recently.  Throughout my “internet lifetime” I have used a ton of unique usernames.  They usually are related to the person I am at the time I make them, but that person changes.  I think back to all the times I answered questions on forums, or expressed my opinions.  All those people I helped, all that information I left I the internet, lost.

I think it’s time we own up to who we are.  Why do we choose to remain anonymous on the internet?  Honestly, what benefit does it provide?  I’d rather leave my legacy and have people know who the person behind the moniker is.  I’ve begun changing all of my accounts to use my real name.  Reddit, XBOX Live, WordPress, my domain name.  Everything.  This way, good or bad, the world can always know my stance on issues, or know who helped them.


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