Decisions of Highly Successful People

I am learning more and more about “effectively dealing with others” every day.  It’s hard being a programmer for hours a day, and then talking to humans again.  The computer listens.  It does exactly as it is told.  If my instructions are incorrect, it will perform incorrectly.  There is no assumption on my end, or in the code.  Computers are emotionless workhorses.  Humans are wildly different.  Things I say/do affect they way people perceive who I am as a man and as a businessman.  A person can tell me one thing, and do another.  I’ve often been called too “blunt” and many people see me with a  “harsh” persona.  It’s almost like a switch, you need to turn on and off.  with computers, you think in logical terms and highly defined processes.  With humans you must take into consideration many factors.  How are they feeling, has life been stressful lately, am I asking too much of them?  It’s a dance, and I must learn to tango.  The better I get with people, the easier my job becomes.

I don’t usually feel the need to convince others I am good at what I do.  I did at first.  Being so young, and no college really left me feeling incompetent when reading about other programmers.  Even today I wouldn’t say I am the upper echelon of developers.  If anything, I’m constantly trying to convince myself that I am a “good” programmer.  I think back 6+ years to the code I wrote, and I know, I am a much better developer now.  But I also think about the code I write today, and what IT will look like in 6 years.  Probably pretty terrible, lol.  The great thing is, the more I read about my programming idols, the more I learn that they all went through it.  We all begin somewhere, we all write silly code that we wish we could re-factor after new found knowledge.  I guess that ties into #4 “come to terms with the fact that you are not perfect”.  I get it.  My code will never be “perfect” it will always be “good enough”.  The business decisions I make will be good and bad.  The only thing that matters is learning from your experiences, waking up the next day, and giving it another shot.  Keep pushing forward, do good business, beat your deadlines, and all will be good.

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